We are Equilab

We believe that equestrians is the world’s most dedicated athletes and they deserve pioneering solutions born from their own words and wishes, and with that mindset - we have ignited change in the equestrian community.

We are still quite the newcomer but we have quickly grown to become the worlds largest equestrian app with over a million riders around the world. So far Equilab riders have ridden to the moon and back hundred of times but this doesn't make us content since we are aiming for the stars. We are bringing technology to the equestrian community

We know that it all starts with you, all our most brilliant ideas and innovations have always started with you giving us new insights. So let us know, how can we improve your equestrian experience?

Join us on our journey

We are always looking for talented people with their heart at the right place. At Equilab we want you to grow and to have big ambitions. The goal will is that together we can rocket-boost both Equilab and your development.

Equilab was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden but today our team almost half of our team comes from other countries. This is important for us since it helps us become more innovative and learn more about riders from all around the world. We therefore believe that culture fit and passion are as important as professional skills.

We are in it for the long run and we spend time on ourselves while working on our products. We’re in a crucial phase where we are growing fast and quickly expanding the team and you will be the key to make this happen.

Open Positions
Product Manager

Coming soon
Marketing Content Creator
Customer Success QA
Mobile App Developer (Android & iOS)
AI Engineer

Be an ambassador

If you are a rider with high ambitions in the saddle, great horsemanship and are interested in innovative development for your sport, send us your ambassador application! As an ambassador for Equilab you will be one of us. Use our premium features, give us your highly valued feedback and spread the word about the equestrian market’s most innovative organization in your social media!